Resolve Amazon Instant Video Playback Error 6013 (Content permission error)

Content permission error.

How to resolve.

1. Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight from the program and features

2.  Open the browser again, it will ask to install silverlight or play video using flash.

Try to play the video using flash, if you don’t have the latest flash player download it from adobe.

How to fix Outlook and winmail.dat problem

After those regular fixes if problem still occurs

  • Set Contact to “Let Outlook decide the best sending format”.
  • In Options/Mail/Compose Messages in this format set to “HTML”
  • In Options/Mail When Sending Messages in RTF to Internet to “convert to HTML format”
  • Cleared entry from cache, exited outlook, and manually typed entry in
  • Added Key:
  • Disabled Anti-virus e-mail scanning


After above if it still not working, please try the following:

You have to delete the autocomplete cache as RTF settings are saved with the addresses and that may fix the issue.