Click on the location name in the Calendar and select Add location. If your town/village/city can’t be found, try searching for a larger city near you instead. You can add up to 5 locations.

To remove a location, click on the location name to bring out a dropdown list with the configured location. Hover on a location name and you’ll see an X appear. Click on it to remove the location.

Add or remove weather locations in Outlook 2013

What does “Link Contacts” do?

As Outlook can connect to multiple sources which provide a contact listing (like from Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger via the Social Connector), you’ll probably have some duplicate entries of a single contact but each provides additional unique information or is updated differently. By linking these contact items together, you’ll get a single aggregated overview of all the information for that contact. It that regards, it is similar to the People Hub on Windows Phone or on Start Screen of Windows 8.

Link Contacts in Outlook 2013

Where is the Journal folder?

The Journal is a deprecated feature. You might have noticed that it isn’t available by default in the Navigation Pane either. The feature is still there though and the Journal folder can still be accessed via the Folders Navigation which is visible when clicking on the … indicator next to Tasks. The keyboard shortcut CTRL+8 also still works.

Access the Journal folder via the Folders Navigation in Outlook 2013

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