After someone copy MP3 or movie(avi, xvid, divx, wmv) files to a USB drive or flash card, the media player(MP3 player, Divx compatible DVD player, PMP) won’t play the file in filename sort order. Instead, the media files are played in the order the file was copied to the USB drive or flash card.

Windows write the file to the USB drive or flash card not in filename sort order. There is a internal sort order by the FAT or FAT32 file system but windows ignore them and display the files in alphabetical order. But the DVD/MP3/Media player uses the FAT sort order to play the files. To fix the problem, you need a program to fix the FAT sort order. There are several programs that can do that:

FATSort :

Windows(Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or newer):
DriveSort :
ReOrganize :
FAT Sorter :

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